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Honor the memory of the dead

December 31, 2019 marks exactly one year from the day of the tragic event - the collapse of part of a residential building in Magnitogorsk as a result of an explosion of domestic gas. The tragedy claimed the lives of 39 people.

“We all grieve immeasurably. Nothing can compensate for the loss. For our part, we did everything we could - starting from the first day, we helped all Magnitogorsk residents survive this tragedy. Subsequently, as soon as possible, we brought the territory near the house on Karl Marx Avenue, 164 into proper form, as agreed with the residents of the house. The whole country has remained not indifferent to our problem - I would like to once again thank everyone for this, ” said the head of the city Sergey Berdnikov.

Sergei Nikolaevich noted that throughout the year they conducted daily work to provide assistance and eliminate the consequences of the tragedy. Assistance to residents provided in full. All owners of the 7th and 8th entrances are resettled (104 apartments). Residents of 1 - 6, 9 - 12 entrances filed 176 applications for resettlement. Citizens of 159 apartments exercised their right to purchase housing. Residents of 17 apartments during the year changed their minds and stayed in the house. The house is suitable for living, but next year a second examination will be carried out, which will once again document this fact.

On the first anniversary of the tragedy on December 31, the Cathedral of the Ascension of Christ will celebrate the Divine Liturgy and a memorial service for the victims of the tragedy.

Divine services will be led by Metropolitan Gregory of Chelyabinsk and Miass in the service of the entire clergy of the Magnitogorsk diocese.

There, on the territory of the cathedral, a place for laying flowers will be organized, it will be possible to bring toys, and a cross will also be erected. And in the future, it is planned to erect a monument near the Cathedral of the Ascension of Christ, so that residents of the city can annually come to lay flowers and honor the memory of the dead.

Beginning of the Divine Liturgy: 8.00

Beginning of the requiem: 10.00

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