Friday, 13 December 2019 10:22

The mayor summed up the results of the year

Today, the traditional large press conference of the head of Magnitogorsk Sergey Berdnikov took place, at which he summed up the results of the socio-economic development of the city for 2019 and announced plans for the near future.

“Everything must be for man”

The main vector of the city hall’s work is aimed at creating comfortable living conditions for Magnitogorsk residents. At the moment, when the construction season has come to an end, we can evaluate the work done.

At the end of 2019, Magnitogorsk took 18th place in terms of quality of life, ahead of the millionaire city of Yekaterinburg, which was in 24th place in the ranking. The study was conducted in 78 cities of Russia with a population of more than 250 thousand people. Magnitogorsk residents positively evaluated the improvement of the city, the state of the housing stock and the work of housing and communal services.

“I am especially pleased that our city in such ratings is in the leading position among capitals and large cities,” the mayor admits. - In addition, it is important that such lists are based on the opinions of people. And this is the most correct form of assessment. ”

The economic development of the city

In the economic sphere, positive changes took place in 2019. For example, now there are more than 17.5 thousand businessmen in the city and the number of entrepreneurs is growing every year. And the amount of tax deductions, compared with last year, increased by almost 12.5%.

“We strive to make our city a place of attraction for many people,” says Sergey Berdnikov. “For example, when a businessman chooses a comfortable place to live and develop his business, I would be very pleased that the choice would stop at Magnitogorsk.”

Magnitogorsk has all the conditions for the development of all forms of business.

“On the last visit of the Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region Alexei Teksler, we visited the Industrial Park, where I once again became convinced that our entrepreneurs produce a competitive product with which we can safely enter the world markets,” said Sergey Nikolaevich.

City improvement

Over the past three years, significant changes have occurred in the appearance of streets, intra-quarter and public territories. The latter were completely updated this year - this is the new boulevard on Karl Marx Avenue “Magnitogorsk Lights” and Victory Square on the left bank. In addition, the squares “Birch”, named after Boris Ruchev, Chapaev were restored.

The head of the city noted that the opinion of city residents is very important. In solving many problems, including those related to creating comfortable living conditions, they are of great help. Some issues that needed to be addressed were identified during the regular monitoring of social networks, as well as from personal communication with the townspeople. An example of this is the lack of parking spaces near public areas and various educational, medical institutions.

In total, 45 parking lots were made this year. One of the largest and most sought after - near the children's city hospital on 100 Suvorov Street, as well as in the area of ​​the I.Kh. Sports Palace Romazana.

“For my life, I set myself the task of equipping all public areas with comfortable and large parking lots,” Sergei Nikolaevich admits.

At the organization of parking, the work of road services does not end there. Magnitogorsk now has some of the best roads in the country. It is important to note that in addition to the roadway, during the repair, the entire adjacent territory is also in good condition. For example, they put in order 247 wells and elements of gas supply networks.

Organization of traffic is one of the urgent problems for all cities of Russia. And Magnitogorsk, where one person has more than one car, is no exception. In order to increase the throughput, the mayor's office made a constructive decision - to organize separate right-side additional lanes that will allow maneuvering without waiting for the permission signal of the traffic light. Also on the avenues were separate and left lanes.

Environmental improvement

In Magnitogorsk, in addition to the development of the city-forming enterprise and other industrial enterprises, active work is being done to improve the environment.

Since our city is inseparable from the metallurgical plant, progress is achieved through joint efforts. So, a lot of work is being done to improve the environment. Today, there are ecological stations throughout the city that analyze the state of the atmosphere. The main task: to reduce all emissions by 20% in two years. The plant, in turn, has developed a special program and tactics, which it consistently implements. One of the points is landscaping.

“At present, the city has 16 thousand wrecked trees that are dangerous for the lives of citizens,” the mayor emphasizes. - About three thousand of such green plantings are cut each year, but about seven thousand young seedlings are planted with it. MMK also takes part in this work. Moreover, trees are planted under warranty and for three years each is monitored and special care is provided. ”

A huge plus for the ecology of the city is the availability of electric vehicles. Every year Magnitogorsk buys about 25 new cars and restores old rolling stock. One of the main events of this year is the construction of a new tram line in the southern regions of the year. Soon, citizens will be able to move around all areas without additional transfers.

Magnitogorsk - a sports city

A lot of attention in the city is paid to the development of sports. And the results are not long in coming: the volleyball team entered League A, the veterans took first place in the regional sports day. One of the main events was the Asia Europe half-marathon, and a recent large-scale event was the first stage of the Snowboard World Cup, which also included the unique charity and already international project “Kilometers of Good” - the only one in Russia. In addition, motocross is being revived, yard sport is being developed, repairs and equipment of the material base of sports facilities are being carried out. Also, at the moment, work is underway on the construction of a new closed ice rink near the Metallurg Metallurg Arena “Kid”.

Magnitogorsk - the second capital of the Southern Urals

In 2019, the head of the city was appointed deputy governor of the Chelyabinsk region. After this, the development of the city gradually began to reach a new level: with the support of Alexei Leonidovich, every year new schools and kindergartens will appear in Magnitogorsk, hospitals and libraries will be reconstructed.

There are positive developments in other areas. Regional subsidies for financing gasification of settlements have increased tenfold. The issue of supplying water to the village of Fresh Dam is resolved. It was possible to find a reasonable solution: it is planned to complete the construction of the conduit next year.

One of the most significant events will be the opening after the overhaul of the Drama Theater named after A.S. Pushkin. This is the oldest institution - almost the same age as the city, and during this time the building has never been repaired.

Also, a big work plan has already been outlined for the next year: the large-scale project “Attraction”, which is being implemented on the initiative of Viktor Rashnikov, was supported by the head of the region, Alexei Teksler. In the spring of 2020, the active construction of the park will begin. In addition, a new multidisciplinary hospital will be built as part of the project.

“Our main goal is to live well and comfortable,” concluded Sergey Nikolaevich. - Any questions can be resolved if you treat everything with a positive attitude. No matter the place, time of year and weather, the main thing is to treat people with kindness and respect. We, Magnitogorsk residents, must live with one goal - to make the city more comfortable. But besides desire, you need to do something for this, namely, to carry out work that will be useful to everyone around. People should help, but not deceive each other. ”







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